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Mag-Ramming Material

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Mag-Ramming Material

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Magnesia Ramming Material

Magnesia Ramming Material

  * DD-1 & DD-2  

  The product uses high-quality magnesia and high-quality synthetic magnesia calcium sand as the main raw materials,and controls the appropriate particle size distribution to make it have a better packing density.Easy to sinter,corrosion and erosion resistant.It is used as knot material at the bottom of electric furnace and dry construction.

  * DD-3 & DD-4  

  The product uses high-quality magnesia as the main raw material, adding chemical bond, forming ceramic bond in the hardening process. Good corrosion and erosion resistance. It is suitable for the bottom of metallurgical furnace and filling the corner joints, 5% - 7% water should be added during construction.

  * DD-6  

  The product adopts high quality sintered magnesia and electric fused magnesia as the main raw material, with good high temperature performance, erosion resistance and erosion resistance. It is applicable to the furnace bottom and tap hole of metallurgical furnace, vulnerable parts of AOD and VOD furnace. Pay attention to human protection when using this product.

  * DD-10 & DD-18  

  The product uses magnesia chromite, synthetic magnesia chromite as the main raw material, adding composite additives, and selecting appropriate particle size composition. Because of the high temperature phase magnesia chrome spinel, the material has excellent corrosion resistance to low alkalinity slag. It is mainly used in RH furnace, VOD furnace and non-ferrous metallurgical furnace.

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Key word:營口耐火材料,大石橋耐火材料,鎂質搗打料

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